Hello everyone …

I’m Lady Henrietta of Litton but you can call me Hettie.  I’m 16 but I’m really 2.  I came from Suffolk, everyone talks a bit different up here but I’m getting used to it.  When I was a baby I was the only girl with 6 brothers so I’m used to boys.  I LOVE  Humphrey.  He’s a proper big brother and really looks after me.  Mum says he’s more chilled out than me, I think he’s lazy!  I love life!  As soon as I wake up that’s it, one up, all up, there’s so much to do!

Mum had an Auntie called Betty.  I met her just 2 days before she went to heaven to meet up with Rupert, Mum’s first dog.  I could tell Auntie Betty loved dogs by the way she cuddled me.  Anyway, sometimes I get called Hettie Betty, I quite like that.

This snow is sooooo exciting, I’m off out to find some……anyone coming?……Humph?

By the way, this used to be called Humphrey’s blog.  I’ve sorted that, it’s now the Dog’s Blogs.  There’ll be much more coming from me!

Your new friend Lady Henrietta

Where have you been ….

……you might well ask!  The times I’ve said “Mum blog” but she’s always busy with this and that.                                                                                                    THIS is Andrew, mum’s b-o-y-f-ri-e-n-d-.  She said “Humph this is your new Dad”.  I thought my dad was a black labrador called Hugo from Derby but hey ho.  I like Andrew, he’s a nice chap.  He takes me walks, gives me treats (usually when mum’s not looking) and tickles my belly…..I don’t care if you think I’m a wuss, I love having my belly tickled, don’t you?

Then there is THAT!…….That is Hettie!  She’s my new sister!  I had a lovely relaxed life, just me, mum and ……dad, but now this thing has moved in.  Now you know how proud I am at being a ‘black lab’, so what is she …..chocolate.  “Ooh what a lovely colour”, “Ooh look at her eyes”, “Ooh she’s lovely” …I’m sick of it,  there is only one type of lab ….a black one!

There is loads to tell you so keep in touch.  Yours Humphrey.   

Oh Nooooo, two paw prints!

My mate Toby

I love Toby and I think he loves me!  As you know my friends the weather has been terrible and although I love the white stuff it has been a bit cold!  My mate Toby has been EVERY day to take me for a walk.  Sometimes he has come back more Dalmation looking than me.  He never complains.  I’ve even been a bit naughty and found water where he can’t reach me.  I pretended not to hear ‘come on Humph’ and he had to wade in and fetch me out – sorry Toby!  All this heavy walking has made me loose weight.  Mum said ‘why can’t I have a waist like that Humph?’  I suggested she tried the orange diet but she didn’t look too pleased?

So the big walk for Dave (sandals) is on Sunday.  I’m pleased because Mum has increased my food to give me the strength.  We are leaving Ashgate Hospice at 9am and walking home – 20 miles.  Martin who used to walk me when I was a puppy is coming along – yipee, he ALWAYS carries treats.  Anyway, if you are walking with us great.  If not come to the pub from 4pm.  We have got a young girl who is a GREAT singer coming in, I might just join in, and a raffle for some brill prizes and I heard Mum say free food, what more could you want?  Its all for Ashgate Hospice so do come on in and join the fun, I would love to see you.  Mind you don’t hog the fire because after walking 20 miles I know where I will be laying!

I will let you know how it goes, I think with other money raised we are nearly at £1000 how good is that?

Off for some rest ………. Humph Humphrey


Hello my friends.  Its at times like this that I’m glad I’m a ‘black lab’.  Mind you, if you saw me when I’ve been out in the snow you wouldn’t be able to tell.  I came back the other day and Mum looked horrified, I had a complete frozen white face.  The humans don’t seem to understand that we can lay out in front of the fire toasting our paws then go outside rolling in the snow, I can’t see the problem?

We’ve had a LOT of the white stuff, in fact there was so much I could walk down the middle of the road because there was no cars.  I’m pleased it hasn’t stopped everyone walking to the pub.  Albert (with his coat on) came to see me.  It was just like old days rolling about the floor.  Sika (the brown lab) has been in.  She hasn’t got a sister anymore, Mum was very upset, but it means Sika now looks a really big girl.  I suppose its a bit like when the humans have babies???  Walter, the English Bulldog popped in today.  I thought he looked a bit different but Mum was gushing over him.  And guess what?  Jussi came in last week.  He’s a ‘black lab’ and just one day older than me.  Mum took a photo (as usual) and put it on facebook.

We were on Radio Sheffield yesterday (March 2 at 2.30pm)  Mum thinks people might want to listen!!!!!  They were talking about colours and liked the red against the snow white.  Its a shame our Red Lion sign is white because the sun has bleached it!  I was sat next to Mum nudging her but she didn’t pick up on the fact that I was black and that is a cool colour, maybe next time!

Well, I hope I’m off for my stroll down the main road in a minute.  Last night we walked up the hill and someone had built a brill tunnel in the white stuff.  I disappeared it was great.  All I could hear was ‘Humph where are you’ tee hee.  So my friends if you want 5 minutes peace from the humans pop up Church Lane and I’ll meet you in the tunnel, you can’t miss it.

I think Mum’s got me in training because we are doing the 20 mile sponsored walk on Sunday 18 March (only 2 weeks away) for Ashgate Hospice for Dave (sandals), I bet his toes are cold in this weather.  If you want to sponsor me please go on ‘justgiving’, Dave is a lovely bloke and its for a good cause, PLUS I’m willing to get sore paws!!  www.justgiving/fundraising/davidwilliamsashgate   Any amount will help

Thank you! and catch up again soon.  Yours

Humphrey Humph x




Today is Friday 16 February 2018 and I am officially 3 years old.  The humans keep saying that means you are 21 Humph, how do their brains work?

I’ve had a lovely day.  Toby (my dog walker and good friend) bought me a present all wrapped up.  How kind.  I ripped it open and hey not one but two bones, fantastic.

Mum took me a walk this morning.  I love it because she lets me be off the lead mostly.  If we see the big fluffy things in the field I get a stern ‘Humph leave it’, I only want to play?  Mum has taken loads of photo’s of me.  I just sit and look into the camera its very easy.  She says I’m a poser whatever one of them is.  Mum has sent some pictures to Debbie, she was my first Mum with 2 legs and lives my Mum with 4 legs, its very confusing.

I was really embarrassed, Mum told our customers it was my birthday and they sang to me, can you imagine?  I didn’t know where to look.  Thankfully Albert had left by then.  Yes, Albert came in on my birthday.  He didn’t let on but I think he knew and came in especially.  ‘Bert’ was my first friend and ear cleaner, I will never forget him!

I like being 3.  I wish I could stay this age for ever but hey there’s life in the old dog yet!

So my friends, don’t forget the walk on the 18 March.  I heard Mum say she is going to get me some boots to wear, I just can’t imagine.  That reminds me Alzheimer’s Research…..our Gin night is this Thursday 22 February.  Even if you can’t make it (I hope you do) we have got some brilliant raffle prizes all to do with Gin.  You can buy raffle tickets from the pub and we’ll put your name on them.  Remember its all for Alzheimer’s and as Mum says, we’ll all get it one day Humph……..um

Well the first day of my 4th year is tomorrow, off for some zzzzzzzzz

Come and see me soon I’m officially 21????????

Humph Humphrey X


I said Joy’s dog was a Boarder Collie, its a Boarder Terrier.  How am I supposed to know, its not a black lab!  It was lovely though!

We had the Quiz for Dave (sandals) on Friday.  It was great, loads of people came along and we had food – it smelt lovely…….  We raised £200 for Ashgate Hospice, how good is that?  Everyone is talking about the 20 mile Walk on Sunday 18 March now.  I’m definitely going, I’m in training with Toby.  Mum says there will be food for everyone when they get back and we’ve got a lovely girl singing, she popped in last night, my can she sing!  Everything is for Ashgate Hospice so you can sponsor me on www.justgiving.com/fundraising/davidwilliamsashgate  You can come along as well, ask your Mum and Dad to bring you.  I’ll bring the doggie treats because you can bet the humans will look after themselves!

I’ve just looked outside and the white stuff is falling from the sky – yippee I’m off!

Catch you soon

Humph x Humphrey

Happy New Year!

WelI, I started this ages ago and never got round to hit the send with my paw!  Loads to tell you so will start where I left off.  I hope you had a great New Year?  Our party was great, some people dressed as Wacky Races and brought Mutley along.  I thought, great some company but when I tried to talk to him, no response.  I think he was plastic.  I didn’t want to upset his owners so sniffed as usual and pretended he was real.

As you know we hosted the party for Alzheimer’s Research UK and we raised a huge £400 so thank you very much to all.  Chef made some lovely pie for everyone to enjoy in the early hours.  It smelt DELICIOUS but as usual I didn’t get a look in.

I’ve seen some changes appearing on our menu and some different looking vegetable, but, hey ho the orange things are still there.  I know when Gerry is peeling them, I can smell them a mile off, and he always sneaks me one, sometimes two if Mum is not looking.  Gerry is one of our Chef’s he’s been with us a while now.  He doesn’t say much to me but we have an understanding.  He just whistles and I shoot round to the back door for my treat, great!  Anyway, keep a look out changes are on the way.

I’ve never seen so many bottles.  Mum says we are having a ‘Gin Night’ for Alzheimers.  Another party night, what can I wear this time?  Its on Thursday 22 February and starts at 7.30pm.  Raffle prizes, quiz and food…….um lovely.                 Do come along, we’ve got lovely roaring fires, I should know I lay in front of them most of the day, and lots of gin!

Nearly forgot to tell you, I’ve been on holiday.  I stayed with Joy Bagshawe at Peak Paws Outdoors.  It was FAB.  I lived in the house with Joy, her husband and lovely Boarder Collie.  He made me very welcome.  To top it all there was a ‘black lab’ next door and we really hit it off.  Anyway, if your Mum (or Dad) is going away tell them you want to go to Peak Paws Outdoors, no question!  I had a ball.

And finally…… Dave who comes in our pub (he is known as Dave (sandals) I don’t know why)  is doing a quiz here next Friday 9 February at 8.30pm.  Dave has not been too well and wants to raise some money for Ashgate Hospice because they have been very kind to him.  So my friends, come along and bring your Mum and Dad.  We’re having food and I’ve seen some doggy treats knocking around.  Talking of which we are having a ‘Dog’s Dinner Menu’ but more of that later.

Come and see me soon, its good to be back and we’ve got some catching up to do!

Much love Humphrey Humph X

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  I’ve had a ball.  Well I have had a ball but I’ve also had a great time.

First there was the white stuff,  the orange things have been plenty and then there was the presents.  Mum gave me loads of presents to undo, cuddly toys, food goodies, my new ball and my mate Toby bought me a cracker that I could eat.  It was delicious!  After I had opened my pressies I found some more under the Christmas tree only to hear ‘Humph leave it!’  apparently Mum had some presents as well.  How was I to know?

Cheryl and Steve came to stay in a cottage across the green.  They stayed in the pub last year and came back especially to see me!  Cheryl asked if she could take me a walk.  How good is that.  I heard her talking to Mum, fetched my lead, poop bag (well when a dog has to go……), looked at the treat box, they come with me on every walk and sat staring at her.  It was fab.  We walked for 6 miles.  I took her down the dale to the river because I love swimming (now my secret is out)  it was great!  We were late getting back and I was just resting my paws when Toby turned up for my daily walk.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’d already been so off we went.  I bet he thought I was good on the lead for a change.  Truth was I was a bit pooped!

I’m dressing up as Scooby Doo on New Years Eve because he gets loads of scooby snacks.  I hope you are coming to our party.  If not you need to book really soon because I heard Mum say she is capping it, whatever that means.  I know lots of people have been buying tickets.  Albert’s Mum and Dad are coming, I do hope he is coming too.  He will have to learn to walk on two legs pretty quick though so we can mingle with the humans.

More white stuff arriving tonight, yippee,  another Dalmation day.

I’m off to bed so I can get up really early and get out in the snow.

Humph Humphrey


The White Stuff

It’s Dalmation time again!  The other night I popped out for my last ‘visit’ to the garden and hey all this white stuff was falling from the sky.  I LOVED it!   I was running up and down the garden and skidding on the patio, such fun.  Mum was shouting  but in a quiet voice, ‘Humph come in’.  Well it was after midnight and she was in her famous dressing gown and slippers.  Why didn’t she just put her wellies on and join in?  Phil, our neighbour who thinks I’m called ‘Leave It’ was in bed.  I’m pleased because it meant Mum couldn’t shout so I pretended not to hear and had a brill time.  I eventually came in and Mum said ‘Humph you look like a Dalmation’  I remember that from last year.  I rather like the ‘Dalmation’ look.

Mum went shopping the other day and I found a lovely new toy in her bag and sneaked it under the bench in the bar, my favourite hiding place.  Someone snitched on me and told Mum where it was complete with label!  I got the usual ‘Humph’.  Apparently it was one of my Christmas presents.  I’ve seen some more under the Christmas tree but I know she’s keeping an eye on them!

Mum’s bought a voucher from the Litton School Christmas Fair.  There is a lady in the village called Rachel Rennie and she is really good at taking photos of dogs and children.  So, the brush has been out and I’ve seen the chicken toothpaste looming!  I will send you a picture when they’ve been done.  I hope it brings lots of potential lady friends in.

We’ve had music all week.  Litton Band, Tideswell singers and tomorrow is Cressbrook Band, that means my friend Helen (the one that brings me treats) will be in – great!  you should come and listen to the band, they are really good.

Lots of people have been enjoying Chef’s lovely food and the orange things have been in abundance, I think I’m the luckiest dog in the world.  I hear that people leave the orange things out for the reindeer, never mind them I’m off for a stroll round the village on Saturday night.  If you see me give me a high five!

Soon be Christmas, I’m really excited

HumphreyHumph X

Panic over!

My mate Toby came to take me a walk the other day as usual.  We’ve found this fab place with loads of water for me to play in.  Off we went and in I went!  The next thing I knew Mum was on the phone and Toby was out of breath because he could hear me barking and couldn’t find me.  Utter panic!  Mum appeared with a torch and poor old Toby was distressed.  I was happy as larry jumping up and down and trying to move the water, it always comes back!  To say Mum was annoyed is an understatement.  Her voice went all high and she kept saying ‘Humph you are a naughty dog’.  Blimey, I know it was dark but they keep giving me them orange things so my eyesight is brilliant, what’s all the fuss?

You must come in!  We’ve got loads of new beers for Christmas.  Well, the beer badges have got funny pictures on them.  The tree is up!  All them lovely balls to play with again.  Just popped my nose in the tree last night to hear ‘Humph, leave it’  she spoils everything.

I’ve had loads of visitors. First there was Noodle & Pixie the Cocker Spaniels, pretty to say the least.  Benson the Bull Dog popped in.  Oh blimey, Mum was cooing, I thought she loved black labs but now I’m not sure, especially since my bad behaviour!  Oh, and Theo came in.  He’s the black lab that came in a year ago.  Same name as our waiter but they look a bit different, ours has only got two legs, very confusing!

We’ve got a new Chef, well we’ve got two.  But do you know, they all know to give me the orange things.  Isn’t that great, I haven’t had to tell them.  I just sit at the door, stare at them and drool, I’m very good at that, and hey an orange treat comes my way!

The Chef’s are cooking some lovely food for Christmas, well it looks good, you will have to be the judge of that!!

Well, this computer keeps going funny.  Mum says ‘don’t worry Humph, we’re getting fibre optic’  I don’t know what it is but I hope I can eat it!

I’ll catch you soon, promise

Humphrey Humph X