The White Stuff

It’s Dalmation time again!  The other night I popped out for my last ‘visit’ to the garden and hey all this white stuff was falling from the sky.  I LOVED it!   I was running up and down the garden and skidding on the patio, such fun.  Mum was shouting  but in a quiet voice, ‘Humph come in’.  Well it was after midnight and she was in her famous dressing gown and slippers.  Why didn’t she just put her wellies on and join in?  Phil, our neighbour who thinks I’m called ‘Leave It’ was in bed.  I’m pleased because it meant Mum couldn’t shout so I pretended not to hear and had a brill time.  I eventually came in and Mum said ‘Humph you look like a Dalmation’  I remember that from last year.  I rather like the ‘Dalmation’ look.

Mum went shopping the other day and I found a lovely new toy in her bag and sneaked it under the bench in the bar, my favourite hiding place.  Someone snitched on me and told Mum where it was complete with label!  I got the usual ‘Humph’.  Apparently it was one of my Christmas presents.  I’ve seen some more under the Christmas tree but I know she’s keeping an eye on them!

Mum’s bought a voucher from the Litton School Christmas Fair.  There is a lady in the village called Rachel Rennie and she is really good at taking photos of dogs and children.  So, the brush has been out and I’ve seen the chicken toothpaste looming!  I will send you a picture when they’ve been done.  I hope it brings lots of potential lady friends in.

We’ve had music all week.  Litton Band, Tideswell singers and tomorrow is Cressbrook Band, that means my friend Helen (the one that brings me treats) will be in – great!  you should come and listen to the band, they are really good.

Lots of people have been enjoying Chef’s lovely food and the orange things have been in abundance, I think I’m the luckiest dog in the world.  I hear that people leave the orange things out for the reindeer, never mind them I’m off for a stroll round the village on Saturday night.  If you see me give me a high five!

Soon be Christmas, I’m really excited

HumphreyHumph X