Panic over!

My mate Toby came to take me a walk the other day as usual.  We’ve found this fab place with loads of water for me to play in.  Off we went and in I went!  The next thing I knew Mum was on the phone and Toby was out of breath because he could hear me barking and couldn’t find me.  Utter panic!  Mum appeared with a torch and poor old Toby was distressed.  I was happy as larry jumping up and down and trying to move the water, it always comes back!  To say Mum was annoyed is an understatement.  Her voice went all high and she kept saying ‘Humph you are a naughty dog’.  Blimey, I know it was dark but they keep giving me them orange things so my eyesight is brilliant, what’s all the fuss?

You must come in!  We’ve got loads of new beers for Christmas.  Well, the beer badges have got funny pictures on them.  The tree is up!  All them lovely balls to play with again.  Just popped my nose in the tree last night to hear ‘Humph, leave it’  she spoils everything.

I’ve had loads of visitors. First there was Noodle & Pixie the Cocker Spaniels, pretty to say the least.  Benson the Bull Dog popped in.  Oh blimey, Mum was cooing, I thought she loved black labs but now I’m not sure, especially since my bad behaviour!  Oh, and Theo came in.  He’s the black lab that came in a year ago.  Same name as our waiter but they look a bit different, ours has only got two legs, very confusing!

We’ve got a new Chef, well we’ve got two.  But do you know, they all know to give me the orange things.  Isn’t that great, I haven’t had to tell them.  I just sit at the door, stare at them and drool, I’m very good at that, and hey an orange treat comes my way!

The Chef’s are cooking some lovely food for Christmas, well it looks good, you will have to be the judge of that!!

Well, this computer keeps going funny.  Mum says ‘don’t worry Humph, we’re getting fibre optic’  I don’t know what it is but I hope I can eat it!

I’ll catch you soon, promise

Humphrey Humph X