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My Turn ….

I just knew, as soon as Hettie found out about our blog she has been ‘let me do it’, ‘let me do it’, well NO

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Snooooooow ..

I loooove the snow and this lot has been here for days.  Mum says is Jack Frost’s fault.  I know Ray Frost around the corner,

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Hello everyone …

I’m Lady Henrietta of Litton but you can call me Hettie.  I’m 16 but I’m really 2.  I came from Suffolk, everyone talks a bit

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My mate Toby

I love Toby and I think he loves me!  As you know my friends the weather has been terrible and although I love the white

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Hello my friends.  Its at times like this that I’m glad I’m a ‘black lab’.  Mind you, if you saw me when I’ve been out

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Red Lion Takeaways

The Red Lion at Litton

Tel: 01298 871458

We are still here!

Our takeout menu continues…

Click below to see the menu, check us out on  our Facebook page

or call the pub for details 01298 871458