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Yorkshire Pudding!

What exactly is Yorkshire Pudding? Our Dad talks a bit different to us, he’s from Sheffield.  Every Sunday we hear him say ‘Ooh Yorkshire Pudd’. 

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My Turn ….

I just knew, as soon as Hettie found out about our blog she has been ‘let me do it’, ‘let me do it’, well NO

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Snooooooow ..

I loooove the snow and this lot has been here for days.  Mum says is Jack Frost’s fault.  I know Ray Frost around the corner,

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Hello everyone …

I’m Lady Henrietta of Litton but you can call me Hettie.  I’m 16 but I’m really 2.  I came from Suffolk, everyone talks a bit

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My mate Toby

I love Toby and I think he loves me!  As you know my friends the weather has been terrible and although I love the white

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The Red Lion will be closed Friday 20 August for a private function

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