So much to tell you! …..

It’s such a long time since I did our blog but SO much has happened.  Do you remember me telling you about babies?  It happened!  Hettie went off to Cheshire for the day to meet ‘Winston’, otherwise known as Carriegame Moonshine, how posh is that!  Apparently another ‘black lab’!  Mum said I had been done, whatever that means, so Winston was called upon.  Hettie came home that day and my, she changed!  It was like living with another dog (I wished she had stayed that way!).  She was really chilled out, began eating more and putting weight on.

So fast forward a few weeks, Hettie disappeared.  I loved it!  My life was back to normal.  I was down in the pub all day getting loads of fuss.  Martin kept me going in ‘chew bones’ and Chef supplied the orange things.  Life was great!  Then I was taken to catch up with Hettie at the cottage.  OMG, there was 7 more Hettie’s!  Mum said ‘look Humph, they are so sweet’.  I gave a sideways glance and that was enough.  How could they do this to me.  One Hettie stretches me to the limit, but this many, NOOOOO.  I refused to engage with them and insisted I returned to the pub and my lovely life.  I’m a pretty chilled black lab and love nothing more than mooching about, doing my own thing.  My mate Toby came everyday and we had some great walks and chats about life.

I was beginning to get really worried that Barney, Stan, Nellie, Poppy, Callie, Bella and Willow would be moving in.  Mum and Dad talked about nothing else and all the customers were shown photos, whether they wanted to or not!  It was really sickening. Easter weekend came and went, the sun was shining and the pub was rammed.  I managed to escape onto the village green and clean up all the crumbs dropped from Chef’s lovely food.  Then …….. low and behold, who should appear, Hettie!  On her own, she just swanned in as if nothing had happened.  Miss bossy boots was straight back in to her routine and life returned to ‘normal’

I’ve had to used to her back in my life.  She’s not too bad I suppose!  But one thing I do know is that Mum loves me, she tells me every day and that’s good enough for me.

I hear we’re off swimming tomorrow, I’m better than Hettie,  tee hee

Speak soon yours Humph

and her ladyship! X