Well Hello all my lovely friends, its a New Year!  That means another birthday and its mine next Thursday so if you’re passing!! …. chew bones gratefully received.  I’ve lost 2 kilo, well at least that’s what Mum tells me, I don’t think I’ve lost anything!  She said “Humph, I wish I’d lost 2 kilo”.  What does 2 kilo look like?  I hope its not food if I’ve lost it.  Me and Hettie had a pretty grotty time in December.  I was running round the field when my leg suddenly gave away and I ended up walking on 3 legs …… I have to say I’m pretty good on 3 legs!  Anyway, it was my ‘cruciate ligament’ so off we went to the vets.  Of course, never to miss out Her Ladyship had to come with me!  Mum decided that there wouldn’t be more puppies, thank goodness, so Hettie was booked in the same day as me.  My operation went very well but obviously the attention seeker decided she would make a big job of hers.  She was in surgery for over 2 hours!!  Anyway, we both stayed at the vets overnight and came home the next day.  Hettie was soon back to normal, mine took a bit longer.  I’m pleased to say I visit a lovely lady called Cathy every week and walk on a think that moves full of water.  I just love splashing but get the impression I shouldn’t be!  Cathy has got a brilliant swimming pool as well.  I sneak a look every week but Mum says ‘not this week Humph”, spoil sport!

The pub has been quiet, Dry January apparently??  But things are picking up!  Chef is busy in the kitchen and the smells are  d i v i n e.  The fires are lit and its lovely and cosy curled up in front of them, I blend in with the carpet so no one sees me!  So get yourself in and don’t forget …….. next Thursday it’s a special day!  Oh yes …… its something called Valentines Day on Tuesday as well ……… I wonder if Albert will pop in to see me!?!

Your faithful mate

Humph and the chocolate one! X