About time!!

I’ve kept saying to Mum, “switch the machine on I want to write my blog”.  But its always, “yes in a mo Humph”.  What is a Mo?  I hear that word often.  So, the other day a lovely dog called Willow came in.  Now I know one of Hettie’s puppies is called Willow.  I’m sure all Hettie’s puppies are lovely but any talk of Hettie and puppies makes my eyes stand out on storks, a bit like one of those cartoons.  Anyway, I shouldn’t have panicked, this Willow was no relation.  A lovely dog, just popped in for a beer.  Apparently Willow’s Mum & Dad read my blog, they must have good taste!

Peak Sweep have been here today.  He’s called Matt Ramsden.  I know he’s a good man because he has got a ‘black lab’ even if it is a girl!  Matt has known me a long time and always calls me Montgomery!  I’m not sure why but I like that name, its sort of a bit posh.  I can see Lady Henrietta turn her nose away when he talks to me, ha ha.  Anyway, Matt and his friend have fitted a lovely new log burner in the top room.  Just in time for the cold winter nights and in a ideal place for me to take residence.  I’m 8 now and I must admit a bit lazy.  Mum says I am like her and love my bed.  On the other hand, her ladyship is like Dad, out of bed at the crack of dawn and clatters about until everyone is up and working.  I’ve asked Mum for some ear muffs but they are a long time coming.

I can’t believe it will soon be Christmas! Or that is what I keep hearing.  Mum and Chef have decided on the Menu.  She said it will be ‘online’ very soon.  I’m not sure what this online looks like but I hope the orange things will appear!  Chef is changing our usual menu at ‘the mo’ so who knows what will appear!

So, I am going to keep pestering Mum to keep this blog up to date.  I suppose she will be asking Henrietta if she wants to do the next one …. who knows what she will be saying but it will be all porkie pies!!

Thanks for reading

See you soon Humph