The Red Lion Litton

That time of year!

Well its nearly here.  The tree is up and looks very pretty (just like me).  There are decorations inside and out.  (I keep hearing “ooh Jeanne the outside of the pub looks lovely”).  Well let me tell you there is nothing more lovely than me!  I love to ‘swan around’ from one table to the next and customers just can’t help stroking and tickling me.  If they stop I give them a smack with my paw and they soon start again 🙂

We’ve been really busy, I know because there have been lots of people coming in with strange jumpers on and I keep hearing Chef shout “oh no, not another turkey”.  I thought Turkey’s were birds and find it a bit rude that Chef calls our customers Turkeys, oh well, he is from the ‘South’.  This Thursday the local Brass Band are coming in to play music and everyone sings along and eats mince pies.  Now I find it all a bit loud but the good thing is they drop loads of crumbs and let me tell you, when it comes to food there is NO ONE as quick as me.  By the time Humph has caught up I’ve cleaned up and moved in to the bar waiting for Martin with the treats.  Martin has always been Humph’s friend but when it comes to food he treats us the same …… he values his fingers too much!

I have got some new special friends.  Well Toby will always be mine & Humph’s special friend, but Andy & Gabby love dogs, especially ‘Labs ‘ … even chocolate ones.  They used to have some but now they let friends have ‘sleep overs’.  How cool is that!  So I’ve overheard that I’m off to stay in January, can’t wait!  Mum & Dad have no idea.  They treat me like the princess I am and I simply do what ever I want …  well that’s what I tell Mum between you and me??

So, its time for my “come on Hett toilet, its time for bed”.  So I’ll bid you a good night and hope to catch up soon.

Yours, Lady Henrietta of Litton x