Its goodbye from her …..

…. and its goodbye from me!  We’ve sold the pub!

Not sure I how feel about this one … I’ve always lived at the pub for my whole 9 years and her ladyship for 5 years.  What an adventure it has been.  I started my pub life in a cage on the bar.  It was ok to begin with but as I grew (very quickly) I wanted out.  “Humph, you can’t go on the floor until you’ve had your jabs”.  Two trips to the vet later, smelly stuff rubbed in my neck, I was free!  I loved laying by Max’s feet (a past landlord here who used to pop in everyday for his Absolution), and my favourite place to toilet was under table 12!  Mum soon sorted that one!!

I’ve had a ball meeting you all.  Thank you for all the cuddles and kind words but most of all the treats!  My friend Martin giving me ‘chew bones’ every time he came in, Helen popping in every week with the brass band after their practice, always a treat for me in her pocket, and my bessie mate Toby.  I love Toby, he just understands me.  He comes every day to take me (or Lady Henrietta) for a walk.  We’ve had some real ‘man to man’ talks.  Toby is going to travel the big wide world soon but until then he will still come to see me everyday, brill!

I’ll really miss Chef and his orange things but I’ve heard him say to Mum ‘don’t forget to take those dogs with you!’.  I think he’s joking and will really miss us as much as we miss him ……….

………but, we will still be around.  We’re only moving up the road to the next village.  If I have anything to do with it we’ll be sat outside the pub in the sun enjoying a doggie beer so don’t forget those treats!

Tomas & Kristina are the new owners and I know they have got a dog (not a black lab) but something called a ‘border collie’.  I though a ‘collie’ was a vegetable that I’ve seen Chef cook but we’ll see!!  They do seem very nice tho so I hope you will come in to see them but don’t spoil the ‘collie’ too much!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, we have simply loved living at the Red Lion and meeting you all.  Life will be different now but I’ve heard Mum say ‘Humph we’ll take a trip to the seaside’ ….. I can’t wait!

with lots and lots of love, kisses and drools, Humphrey & Hettie XX