How time flies…..

Well…. its the last day of August!  The pub opened again in July after all that time closed.  We’re thrilled to see everyone again especially Martin.  He’s been my mate for years and always gives me (and now Hettie) dog treats.  We have to wait upstairs until everyone has finished eating then down we go!  We wear pink collars that say “DO NOT FEED”.  Martin reads it as DONUT and says we can have cake.  We’re still waiting??

I don’t think, in all my time here, that the pub has been so busy.  Mum and Dad always look tired.  Oh yes he is officially Dad now!  They got married in June.  Of course we weren’t allowed to go because we would have jumped up Mum’s dress …… spoil sport!  We go and stay with Kath, a lovely lady in Buxton.  We stay in her house and get spoilt rotten.  Mum says she can tell because we sit at the table when we come home and wait for the treats …..umm?

Chef has been really busy.  He makes the lovely pies but they sell as fast as he makes them.  I’m not surprised they smell loooovely.  It does mean that the orange treats are back on the menu tho, lovely!

Well my lovely friends, me and Hettie will keep prompting Mum to get the laptop out so we can tell you are news…..there is so much to tell

Bye for now

Humph and Henrietta! XX