Yorkshire Pudding!

What exactly is Yorkshire Pudding? Our Dad talks a bit different to us, he’s from Sheffield.  Every Sunday we hear him say ‘Ooh Yorkshire Pudd’.  He actually drools!  We thought it was just us that did that when it’s time for tea?  He says ‘when I was a lad we had it wi gravy before a meal and sometimes after wi honey’.  We think thats greedy!  We get one meal, twice a day, that’s it!  Maybe if we started to talk a bit different we’d get offered ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ as well.  Sunday’s are good because the pub does takeout Sunday dinners and you know what that means?  Yes, the long orange things have reappeared, yippee!  Of course, we are shut upstairs but we can hear people come to the pub to collect, its lovely to hear voices again.  It will be even better when we are open all day and our friends with dog treats are around.

Need to dash now, the orange things have just appeared, think it’s time to drool.

Catch up very soon Humph & Hettie