Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  I’ve had a ball.  Well I have had a ball but I’ve also had a great time.

First there was the white stuff,  the orange things have been plenty and then there was the presents.  Mum gave me loads of presents to undo, cuddly toys, food goodies, my new ball and my mate Toby bought me a cracker that I could eat.  It was delicious!  After I had opened my pressies I found some more under the Christmas tree only to hear ‘Humph leave it!’  apparently Mum had some presents as well.  How was I to know?

Cheryl and Steve came to stay in a cottage across the green.  They stayed in the pub last year and came back especially to see me!  Cheryl asked if she could take me a walk.  How good is that.  I heard her talking to Mum, fetched my lead, poop bag (well when a dog has to go……), looked at the treat box, they come with me on every walk and sat staring at her.  It was fab.  We walked for 6 miles.  I took her down the dale to the river because I love swimming (now my secret is out)  it was great!  We were late getting back and I was just resting my paws when Toby turned up for my daily walk.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’d already been so off we went.  I bet he thought I was good on the lead for a change.  Truth was I was a bit pooped!

I’m dressing up as Scooby Doo on New Years Eve because he gets loads of scooby snacks.  I hope you are coming to our party.  If not you need to book really soon because I heard Mum say she is capping it, whatever that means.  I know lots of people have been buying tickets.  Albert’s Mum and Dad are coming, I do hope he is coming too.  He will have to learn to walk on two legs pretty quick though so we can mingle with the humans.

More white stuff arriving tonight, yippee,  another Dalmation day.

I’m off to bed so I can get up really early and get out in the snow.

Humph Humphrey