Happy New Year!

WelI, I started this ages ago and never got round to hit the send with my paw!  Loads to tell you so will start where I left off.  I hope you had a great New Year?  Our party was great, some people dressed as Wacky Races and brought Mutley along.  I thought, great some company but when I tried to talk to him, no response.  I think he was plastic.  I didn’t want to upset his owners so sniffed as usual and pretended he was real.

As you know we hosted the party for Alzheimer’s Research UK and we raised a huge £400 so thank you very much to all.  Chef made some lovely pie for everyone to enjoy in the early hours.  It smelt DELICIOUS but as usual I didn’t get a look in.

I’ve seen some changes appearing on our menu and some different looking vegetable, but, hey ho the orange things are still there.  I know when Gerry is peeling them, I can smell them a mile off, and he always sneaks me one, sometimes two if Mum is not looking.  Gerry is one of our Chef’s he’s been with us a while now.  He doesn’t say much to me but we have an understanding.  He just whistles and I shoot round to the back door for my treat, great!  Anyway, keep a look out changes are on the way.

I’ve never seen so many bottles.  Mum says we are having a ‘Gin Night’ for Alzheimers.  Another party night, what can I wear this time?  Its on Thursday 22 February and starts at 7.30pm.  Raffle prizes, quiz and food…….um lovely.                 Do come along, we’ve got lovely roaring fires, I should know I lay in front of them most of the day, and lots of gin!

Nearly forgot to tell you, I’ve been on holiday.  I stayed with Joy Bagshawe at Peak Paws Outdoors.  It was FAB.  I lived in the house with Joy, her husband and lovely Boarder Collie.  He made me very welcome.  To top it all there was a ‘black lab’ next door and we really hit it off.  Anyway, if your Mum (or Dad) is going away tell them you want to go to Peak Paws Outdoors, no question!  I had a ball.

And finally…… Dave who comes in our pub (he is known as Dave (sandals) I don’t know why)  is doing a quiz here next Friday 9 February at 8.30pm.  Dave has not been too well and wants to raise some money for Ashgate Hospice because they have been very kind to him.  So my friends, come along and bring your Mum and Dad.  We’re having food and I’ve seen some doggy treats knocking around.  Talking of which we are having a ‘Dog’s Dinner Menu’ but more of that later.

Come and see me soon, its good to be back and we’ve got some catching up to do!

Much love Humphrey Humph X