So much to tell you! …..

It’s such a long time since I did our blog but SO much has happened.  Do you remember me telling you about babies?  It happened!  Hettie went off to Cheshire for the day to meet ‘Winston’, otherwise known as Carriegame Moonshine, how posh is that!  Apparently another ‘black lab’!  Mum said I had been done, whatever that means, so Winston was called upon.  Hettie came home that day and my, she changed!  It was like living with another dog (I wished she had stayed that way!).  She was really chilled out, began eating more and putting weight on.

So fast forward a few weeks, Hettie disappeared.  I loved it!  My life was back to normal.  I was down in the pub all day getting loads of fuss.  Martin kept me going in ‘chew bones’ and Chef supplied the orange things.  Life was great!  Then I was taken to catch up with Hettie at the cottage.  OMG, there was 7 more Hettie’s!  Mum said ‘look Humph, they are so sweet’.  I gave a sideways glance and that was enough.  How could they do this to me.  One Hettie stretches me to the limit, but this many, NOOOOO.  I refused to engage with them and insisted I returned to the pub and my lovely life.  I’m a pretty chilled black lab and love nothing more than mooching about, doing my own thing.  My mate Toby came everyday and we had some great walks and chats about life.

I was beginning to get really worried that Barney, Stan, Nellie, Poppy, Callie, Bella and Willow would be moving in.  Mum and Dad talked about nothing else and all the customers were shown photos, whether they wanted to or not!  It was really sickening. Easter weekend came and went, the sun was shining and the pub was rammed.  I managed to escape onto the village green and clean up all the crumbs dropped from Chef’s lovely food.  Then …….. low and behold, who should appear, Hettie!  On her own, she just swanned in as if nothing had happened.  Miss bossy boots was straight back in to her routine and life returned to ‘normal’

I’ve had to used to her back in my life.  She’s not too bad I suppose!  But one thing I do know is that Mum loves me, she tells me every day and that’s good enough for me.

I hear we’re off swimming tomorrow, I’m better than Hettie,  tee hee

Speak soon yours Humph

and her ladyship! X


Where do we begin ……

What’s Covid?  Everyone is using the word so much me and Hettie look up every time we hear it!  Some customers are wearing things over their faces.  Me and Hettie can usually tell when we are liked but now, who knows!  One good think Martin, my mate, doesn’t wear one so all is good there, our biscuit tin is full!

Mum and Dad went away for a much needed holiday.  We went in home boarding.  We love it!  Kath is great and we just take over her house.  I don’t know why Mum sends our beds because we sleep on the settee.  Anyway, we had a great time and ready to come home but guess what?  Mum & Dad got ‘Covid’ and were stuck on holiday.  We’re still not sure what it is but they both look tired and keep coughing, I hope me and Hettie don’t catch it!

We were so pleased to be back home and in our routine…….well that means chilling our for me, and boyfriend seeking for Hettie!   That said, I’ve heard Mum and Dad talk about babies.  Well even I know Mum is too old to have babies.  So that can only mean one thing…….Lady Henrietta!!  Oh Noooooo!  I just don’t think I could stand more than one Hettie.  I’ll keep you posted but if you see me with my bag packed you’ll know

Speak soon


How time flies…..

Well…. its the last day of August!  The pub opened again in July after all that time closed.  We’re thrilled to see everyone again especially Martin.  He’s been my mate for years and always gives me (and now Hettie) dog treats.  We have to wait upstairs until everyone has finished eating then down we go!  We wear pink collars that say “DO NOT FEED”.  Martin reads it as DONUT and says we can have cake.  We’re still waiting??

I don’t think, in all my time here, that the pub has been so busy.  Mum and Dad always look tired.  Oh yes he is officially Dad now!  They got married in June.  Of course we weren’t allowed to go because we would have jumped up Mum’s dress …… spoil sport!  We go and stay with Kath, a lovely lady in Buxton.  We stay in her house and get spoilt rotten.  Mum says she can tell because we sit at the table when we come home and wait for the treats …..umm?

Chef has been really busy.  He makes the lovely pies but they sell as fast as he makes them.  I’m not surprised they smell loooovely.  It does mean that the orange treats are back on the menu tho, lovely!

Well my lovely friends, me and Hettie will keep prompting Mum to get the laptop out so we can tell you are news…..there is so much to tell

Bye for now

Humph and Henrietta! XX

Yorkshire Pudding!

What exactly is Yorkshire Pudding? Our Dad talks a bit different to us, he’s from Sheffield.  Every Sunday we hear him say ‘Ooh Yorkshire Pudd’.  He actually drools!  We thought it was just us that did that when it’s time for tea?  He says ‘when I was a lad we had it wi gravy before a meal and sometimes after wi honey’.  We think thats greedy!  We get one meal, twice a day, that’s it!  Maybe if we started to talk a bit different we’d get offered ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ as well.  Sunday’s are good because the pub does takeout Sunday dinners and you know what that means?  Yes, the long orange things have reappeared, yippee!  Of course, we are shut upstairs but we can hear people come to the pub to collect, its lovely to hear voices again.  It will be even better when we are open all day and our friends with dog treats are around.

Need to dash now, the orange things have just appeared, think it’s time to drool.

Catch up very soon Humph & Hettie

My Turn ….

I just knew, as soon as Hettie found out about our blog she has been ‘let me do it’, ‘let me do it’, well NO Hettie, its my turn!  It’s been quite a busy week.  Sunday was Valentines Day.  I asked Mum if I could send a message to my friend Albert, but Mum said today wasn’t the day to do that.  I don’t know why, I love Albert and as they say, anything goes?  Anyway, I’m hoping we will open the pub again very soon, so I will tell Albert myself!  Mum and Dad keep watching the square thing in the corner of the room.  A man keeps appearing.  Now, I know we can’t have our hair cut at the moment, but this Man’s blond hair looks like it has been through some of the biggest puddles I’ve ever seen.  You would think he has a Mum to put it right?  Anyway the point is, this is the man who will tell me when everyone can come and see me, Chef will be giving me the long orange thinks again (I really miss them), and my friend Martin will be in again with the chew bones, I just CAN’T wait.

Today my friends is MY BIRTHDAY.  I am 6 today.  When Mum took Hettie out for her walk she gave me a HUGE bone just for me, it was l-o-v-e-l-y!  There is some lovely smells coming from our kitchen upstairs so I’m hoping for more treats later!  Mum is sending a photo of me to my first mum, Debbie, in Derby.  It’s very confusing, ‘how many Mums are you supposed to have”?  Talking of Mums’s, I keep hearing “Andrew, I think she’s coming in season”?  I think they’re thinking of having babies with Hettie!!  OH NO!! I found it really hard when Hettie came to live with us, but, she’s grown on me, still a pain, but I suppose I love her, but the thought of more Hettie’s, I just can’t think about it!!

I’m off to check on my cake in the oven……I hope there’s some beer in the fridge?

Yours HumphreyHumphrey

Snooooooow ..

I loooove the snow and this lot has been here for days.  Mum says is Jack Frost’s fault.  I know Ray Frost around the corner, he’s got two lovely puppies, but never heard of Jack Frost, perhaps I’ll bump in to him on one of my walks?  Talking of walks, Toby who is Humphrey’s mate, comes round every morning to take him a walk. Mum says it’s so Humphrey can get some ‘peace & quiet’ from me!  I love Humphrey and thought he loved me jumping all over him and biting his ears to make him squeal, but it seems not?  He never tells me to stop!

So, this means I get a walk on my own with Mum (and sometimes Dad).  Well let me tell you my friends, I wasn’t on my own the other day.  We went up ‘The Edge”, one of our favourite walks and there they were …. about 20 big fluffy things all with the same face.  They came running over to meet me!  I thought ‘how lovely’ when Mum started making this strange noise so they all ran off…spoil sport!  Mum told me they are all having babies and if I run after them the farmer will shoot me.  I’ve met the farmers in the village and they all seem very nice folk, I’ll be a bit more wary now when I have my morning tiddle on their grass!

We started our ‘Pie Night’ takeouts in the pub again last night.  Oh My,  the smell was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  Did me and Humph get any?  OH NO, we were shut upstairs drooling, parents can be so cruel can’t they?

Next Tuesday is Humphrey’s birthday, yippee.  I’m, organising a real treat for him.  I’ve asked Mum to wrap up a dried sausage, isn’t that amazing?  We’re going to send a photo to his first Mum, in Derby, Mum told me she sends one every year.  Well this year it will be different, Lady Henrietta WILL be appearing.

Oh, just thought I would tell you, Mum says I’m (coming in season).  I’m not sure what this means but there is a lovely Spaniel across the road that keeps ‘giving me the eye’ and I must admit I keep giving him a quick flick of my tail …… I think I’m falling in love, Humph will not be amused.

Humphrey has told me to get off here because he’s writing his blog so best shoot……

Speak soon Hettie Humphrey

In the Dog House ….. literally!

Oh dear, we have been naughty!  Just lately in this ‘lockdown’ – not sure what it means?, mum has been busy baking, it smells loooovely.  So, the other night mum & dad went outside to clap for Capt Sir Tom Moore, we’ve watched him on tele, what a lovely chap.  There, on the side was a big block of butter.  Now I know better than to pinch food but Hettie …… she’ll have a go at anything!  She pulls it to the floor then we share it.  Lasagne is a favourite and the chicken was very tasty too!  So, I was just licking the last bit of butter off the paper when in walked Mum!  She was VERY angry.  As usual Hettie ran off, licking her lips, and I was caught in the act.  I’m just grateful that they’ve worked out that ‘she’ is the culprit!  So, I can tell you, that saying ‘butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth’ is not true.  And the speed Hettie ran outside the next morning …………….

Yours Humph ……….. and Hettie. 

Hello everyone …

I’m Lady Henrietta of Litton but you can call me Hettie.  I’m 16 but I’m really 2.  I came from Suffolk, everyone talks a bit different up here but I’m getting used to it.  When I was a baby I was the only girl with 6 brothers so I’m used to boys.  I LOVE  Humphrey.  He’s a proper big brother and really looks after me.  Mum says he’s more chilled out than me, I think he’s lazy!  I love life!  As soon as I wake up that’s it, one up, all up, there’s so much to do!

Mum had an Auntie called Betty.  I met her just 2 days before she went to heaven to meet up with Rupert, Mum’s first dog.  I could tell Auntie Betty loved dogs by the way she cuddled me.  Anyway, sometimes I get called Hettie Betty, I quite like that.

This snow is sooooo exciting, I’m off out to find some……anyone coming?……Humph?

By the way, this used to be called Humphrey’s blog.  I’ve sorted that, it’s now the Dog’s Blogs.  There’ll be much more coming from me!

Your new friend Lady Henrietta

Where have you been ….

……you might well ask!  The times I’ve said “Mum blog” but she’s always busy with this and that.                                                                                                    THIS is Andrew, mum’s b-o-y-f-ri-e-n-d-.  She said “Humph this is your new Dad”.  I thought my dad was a black labrador called Hugo from Derby but hey ho.  I like Andrew, he’s a nice chap.  He takes me walks, gives me treats (usually when mum’s not looking) and tickles my belly…..I don’t care if you think I’m a wuss, I love having my belly tickled, don’t you?

Then there is THAT!…….That is Hettie!  She’s my new sister!  I had a lovely relaxed life, just me, mum and ……dad, but now this thing has moved in.  Now you know how proud I am at being a ‘black lab’, so what is she …..chocolate.  “Ooh what a lovely colour”, “Ooh look at her eyes”, “Ooh she’s lovely” …I’m sick of it,  there is only one type of lab ….a black one!

There is loads to tell you so keep in touch.  Yours Humphrey.   

Oh Nooooo, two paw prints!

My mate Toby

I love Toby and I think he loves me!  As you know my friends the weather has been terrible and although I love the white stuff it has been a bit cold!  My mate Toby has been EVERY day to take me for a walk.  Sometimes he has come back more Dalmation looking than me.  He never complains.  I’ve even been a bit naughty and found water where he can’t reach me.  I pretended not to hear ‘come on Humph’ and he had to wade in and fetch me out – sorry Toby!  All this heavy walking has made me loose weight.  Mum said ‘why can’t I have a waist like that Humph?’  I suggested she tried the orange diet but she didn’t look too pleased?

So the big walk for Dave (sandals) is on Sunday.  I’m pleased because Mum has increased my food to give me the strength.  We are leaving Ashgate Hospice at 9am and walking home – 20 miles.  Martin who used to walk me when I was a puppy is coming along – yipee, he ALWAYS carries treats.  Anyway, if you are walking with us great.  If not come to the pub from 4pm.  We have got a young girl who is a GREAT singer coming in, I might just join in, and a raffle for some brill prizes and I heard Mum say free food, what more could you want?  Its all for Ashgate Hospice so do come on in and join the fun, I would love to see you.  Mind you don’t hog the fire because after walking 20 miles I know where I will be laying!

I will let you know how it goes, I think with other money raised we are nearly at £1000 how good is that?

Off for some rest ………. Humph Humphrey