Snooooooow ..

I loooove the snow and this lot has been here for days.  Mum says is Jack Frost’s fault.  I know Ray Frost around the corner, he’s got two lovely puppies, but never heard of Jack Frost, perhaps I’ll bump in to him on one of my walks?  Talking of walks, Toby who is Humphrey’s mate, comes round every morning to take him a walk. Mum says it’s so Humphrey can get some ‘peace & quiet’ from me!  I love Humphrey and thought he loved me jumping all over him and biting his ears to make him squeal, but it seems not?  He never tells me to stop!

So, this means I get a walk on my own with Mum (and sometimes Dad).  Well let me tell you my friends, I wasn’t on my own the other day.  We went up ‘The Edge”, one of our favourite walks and there they were …. about 20 big fluffy things all with the same face.  They came running over to meet me!  I thought ‘how lovely’ when Mum started making this strange noise so they all ran off…spoil sport!  Mum told me they are all having babies and if I run after them the farmer will shoot me.  I’ve met the farmers in the village and they all seem very nice folk, I’ll be a bit more wary now when I have my morning tiddle on their grass!

We started our ‘Pie Night’ takeouts in the pub again last night.  Oh My,  the smell was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  Did me and Humph get any?  OH NO, we were shut upstairs drooling, parents can be so cruel can’t they?

Next Tuesday is Humphrey’s birthday, yippee.  I’m, organising a real treat for him.  I’ve asked Mum to wrap up a dried sausage, isn’t that amazing?  We’re going to send a photo to his first Mum, in Derby, Mum told me she sends one every year.  Well this year it will be different, Lady Henrietta WILL be appearing.

Oh, just thought I would tell you, Mum says I’m (coming in season).  I’m not sure what this means but there is a lovely Spaniel across the road that keeps ‘giving me the eye’ and I must admit I keep giving him a quick flick of my tail …… I think I’m falling in love, Humph will not be amused.

Humphrey has told me to get off here because he’s writing his blog so best shoot……

Speak soon Hettie Humphrey