In the Dog House ….. literally!

Oh dear, we have been naughty!  Just lately in this ‘lockdown’ – not sure what it means?, mum has been busy baking, it smells loooovely.  So, the other night mum & dad went outside to clap for Capt Sir Tom Moore, we’ve watched him on tele, what a lovely chap.  There, on the side was a big block of butter.  Now I know better than to pinch food but Hettie …… she’ll have a go at anything!  She pulls it to the floor then we share it.  Lasagne is a favourite and the chicken was very tasty too!  So, I was just licking the last bit of butter off the paper when in walked Mum!  She was VERY angry.  As usual Hettie ran off, licking her lips, and I was caught in the act.  I’m just grateful that they’ve worked out that ‘she’ is the culprit!  So, I can tell you, that saying ‘butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth’ is not true.  And the speed Hettie ran outside the next morning …………….

Yours Humph ……….. and Hettie. 

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