My Turn ….

I just knew, as soon as Hettie found out about our blog she has been ‘let me do it’, ‘let me do it’, well NO Hettie, its my turn!  It’s been quite a busy week.  Sunday was Valentines Day.  I asked Mum if I could send a message to my friend Albert, but Mum said today wasn’t the day to do that.  I don’t know why, I love Albert and as they say, anything goes?  Anyway, I’m hoping we will open the pub again very soon, so I will tell Albert myself!  Mum and Dad keep watching the square thing in the corner of the room.  A man keeps appearing.  Now, I know we can’t have our hair cut at the moment, but this Man’s blond hair looks like it has been through some of the biggest puddles I’ve ever seen.  You would think he has a Mum to put it right?  Anyway the point is, this is the man who will tell me when everyone can come and see me, Chef will be giving me the long orange thinks again (I really miss them), and my friend Martin will be in again with the chew bones, I just CAN’T wait.

Today my friends is MY BIRTHDAY.  I am 6 today.  When Mum took Hettie out for her walk she gave me a HUGE bone just for me, it was l-o-v-e-l-y!  There is some lovely smells coming from our kitchen upstairs so I’m hoping for more treats later!  Mum is sending a photo of me to my first mum, Debbie, in Derby.  It’s very confusing, ‘how many Mums are you supposed to have”?  Talking of Mums’s, I keep hearing “Andrew, I think she’s coming in season”?  I think they’re thinking of having babies with Hettie!!  OH NO!! I found it really hard when Hettie came to live with us, but, she’s grown on me, still a pain, but I suppose I love her, but the thought of more Hettie’s, I just can’t think about it!!

I’m off to check on my cake in the oven……I hope there’s some beer in the fridge?

Yours HumphreyHumphrey