Hello my friends.  Its at times like this that I’m glad I’m a ‘black lab’.  Mind you, if you saw me when I’ve been out in the snow you wouldn’t be able to tell.  I came back the other day and Mum looked horrified, I had a complete frozen white face.  The humans don’t seem to understand that we can lay out in front of the fire toasting our paws then go outside rolling in the snow, I can’t see the problem?

We’ve had a LOT of the white stuff, in fact there was so much I could walk down the middle of the road because there was no cars.  I’m pleased it hasn’t stopped everyone walking to the pub.  Albert (with his coat on) came to see me.  It was just like old days rolling about the floor.  Sika (the brown lab) has been in.  She hasn’t got a sister anymore, Mum was very upset, but it means Sika now looks a really big girl.  I suppose its a bit like when the humans have babies???  Walter, the English Bulldog popped in today.  I thought he looked a bit different but Mum was gushing over him.  And guess what?  Jussi came in last week.  He’s a ‘black lab’ and just one day older than me.  Mum took a photo (as usual) and put it on facebook.

We were on Radio Sheffield yesterday (March 2 at 2.30pm)  Mum thinks people might want to listen!!!!!  They were talking about colours and liked the red against the snow white.  Its a shame our Red Lion sign is white because the sun has bleached it!  I was sat next to Mum nudging her but she didn’t pick up on the fact that I was black and that is a cool colour, maybe next time!

Well, I hope I’m off for my stroll down the main road in a minute.  Last night we walked up the hill and someone had built a brill tunnel in the white stuff.  I disappeared it was great.  All I could hear was ‘Humph where are you’ tee hee.  So my friends if you want 5 minutes peace from the humans pop up Church Lane and I’ll meet you in the tunnel, you can’t miss it.

I think Mum’s got me in training because we are doing the 20 mile sponsored walk on Sunday 18 March (only 2 weeks away) for Ashgate Hospice for Dave (sandals), I bet his toes are cold in this weather.  If you want to sponsor me please go on ‘justgiving’, Dave is a lovely bloke and its for a good cause, PLUS I’m willing to get sore paws!!  www.justgiving/fundraising/davidwilliamsashgate   Any amount will help

Thank you! and catch up again soon.  Yours

Humphrey Humph x