What a week!

I’ve had a great week.  It was my 1st birthday on Tuesday.  Mum said she couldn’t believe I was one.  Our customers seem to think I am much older.  Lou our cleaner bought me a lovely monkey and it lasted me three whole days.  Mum got me a cake with a candle sticking out of it.  She held it near my face so of course I tried to eat it but she didn’t look very happy.  The human beings sang to me, very strange I thought.  We had a big group in on Friday night (the Welsh gang) and they sang the same song!  I’ve had some lovely walks too.  Trevor, one of our locals has got a brill muddy pool in his field and I’ve buried my ball for another day.  I came home covered in mud and without the ball,  Mum looked dismayed I was ecstatic.  I don’t think Trevor knows I have been in his field, I hope he doesn’t find the ball before me.  We had a lovely couple staying in the bed and breakfast.  I could smell their toast but they were having none of it.  For some reason I never get the same food as the human beings.  Oh, by the way Chef still loves me because he says I am still going on the specials board.  Had a heavy day today so off for some snoozing.  Catch up soon, Humphrey.