The Red Lion Litton

How time flies

Another week has flown by.  A saw Mum get the laptop out and knew it was time for me to put paw to paper.  My cousin Golga (she was rescued from Turkey by my Auntie) got run over on Wednesday.  I was distraught.  She has broken her leg but thankfully all her insides are ok.  She is very special so I am going to ask Chef if she can go on the specials board with me when she is better.  Next Sunday is Mothers Day.  If you want to come for dinner please ring very soon because we are nearly fully booked.  Today has been packed with people eating and drinking.  I had my eye on a lovely grey staffie.  She told me a lab has chased her when she was little so she was very nervous.  I kept creeping up but she was having none of it.  Never mind a beautiful schnauzer popped in for evening meal and I could tell she fancied me.  Back to Mothers Day.  I heard Mum say all the Mum’s coming to the pub would be getting a gift so I suppose I should get Mum something…..she might be married by then, I heard her say she would be proposing tomorrow because its February 29 and its what happens.  I said I would propose to Albert.  Mum said that was not the ‘norm’ but as long as I loved Albert that was fine, happy days!  Oh, must tell you, Brenda came in today it was her birthday.  Brenda lives down the road.  She’s really a cat person, you know those fluffy things with sharp claws, but I like Brenda she is really kind and I know she likes me.  A real bonus is that she doesn’t like meat so I get more beef, how kind is that!  I heard Mum say that I was due a good walk tomorrow so I’m putting my paws up now.  Don’t forget you can like me on Facebook as well.

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