White fluffy stuff

I saw the diary and this weekend we are really busy so I thought “write my blog” I know I will be required to do the hoovering up as usual.  The staff have been really busy wrapping gifts for Mother’s Day so if you haven’t booked call us now.  I know we are fully booked on Sunday but I hear them say we will try and juggle things, a human term I think.  I stretched my paws this morning and looked out of the window.  How exciting all this white stuff falling from the sky.  Mum took me a walk and made balls out of the white stuff.  I LOVED IT.  I kept hearing Chef say ‘blimey its cold up here’  He’s from the south you know.  Chef’s in his own room and for some reason I am not allowed in there.  The smells are beaut and I heard him say ‘Fish of the Day – Monk Fish with Mussels………if only, I’ll just keep drooling.  The big disappointment today, Albert came in and I missed him I was gutted.  I’m going to sit by the door tomorrow and  just hope he pops in.  We haven’t had a play for ages, perhaps we can go out in the white stuff.

I’m back at my training classes next week.  Hope there is some new recruits

More soon, HumphreyHumphrey