The Red Lion Litton

Sunday again!

Where has this week gone?  I knew it was Sunday again because Cal saved me the edges off the Beef.  We had lots of couples in today and I saw the staff giving them chocolates shaped like hearts.  I thought I might get one but every dog that came in today seemed to be a boy and it seemed I needed a girl dog to get a chocolate – very strange, I don’t really understand human beings.  Its been a fun week.  Mum cleaned the potato rumbler and Cal got the hose pipe out.  I LOVE water and tried to catch it but it just kept coming out of the pipe, I’ll just keep trying.  I took Martin for a walk again today.  He’s quite well behaved really and followed me to the grass verges.  I went to stay at my Auntie’s yesterday because the pub was packed and I didn’t want to get trodden on.  The only thing I missed Albert, Mum said he had popped in.  Apparently  his Mum and Dad were pleased I wasn’t about because they said his ears were very clean thank you – I only try to help.  Yippee only 2 days to my birthday.  I must send my invites out.

Yours HumphreyHumphrey