The Red Lion Litton

Food glorious Food!

It’s Sunday today.  Cal saves me the ends of the Beef when he carves the Sunday Roast.  I like Cal, he’s the other Chef here and really good and making puddings.  Everyone loves his sticky toffee pudding but for some reason I haven’t had any yet.  Martin, one of our locals took me a lovely 5 mile walk today but I heard him tell Mum that I had taken him,  I don’t know what he means.  Mum sent the bits of beef and Martin kept hiding it from me, silly really because I can smell beef a mile off.  I heard Chef tell Mum that he was going to spit roast me and put me on the specials board.  I suppose that means I’m special.  Oh, I forgot to tell you Albert popped in – yippee, I cleaned his ears for him.  I hope he comes to my birthday party

See you soon, Humphrey  Humphrey