Would you believe it?

I’ve had a message from South Africa!  Helen, the lovely lady who came just to see me, has got her ‘black lab’ Merlot (I hear the staff offer that to the customers, hope they’re not selling her dog) to send me a message.  He’s got 2 sisters, the funny coloured ones.  They sound real characters, I would have loved to have met them.

Then there’s Barry the Wheaten Terrier.  I like Barry now.  He’s sent me a lovely message.  After much persuasion Mum has agreed to put a ‘Dog’s Dinner Menu’ on and I know Barry will be pleased to see it on his next visit.  He said his Dad loved our real ales and his Mum enjoyed Chef’s lovely food so I think Barry will definitely will be returning – great!

Elmo is on holiday.  He popped in last night.  He’s a smashing ‘black lab’ and works with his Mum.  I realise now that ‘black lab’s’ are everywhere.  isn’t that brilliant?  Elmo does look a bit like me so I had to check where he was from because I thought my Dad had been out and about again.  Dad doesn’t seem to realise its expensive rearing children and just leaves the Mum’s to give them away.  My Auntie (human one) gave Mum a mug.  It says ‘dogs are better that humans because you can sell their babies!’  Charming, well let me tell you this ‘black lab’ is not for sale!  Anyway, I hope Elmo pops in again, we had great fun playing.

‘Christmas won’t be long Humph’ Mum keeps saying.  I asked if that meant loads of paper for me to rip up and she said ‘no Humph, it means we will be doing the Christmas Menu and having people coming in to party’.  New Years Eve we are having a fancy dress party, ‘your favourite TV personality’ with live music and a complimentary supper served late.  Tickets are £5 all for Alzheimer’s Research.  My Grandma (human one) died of this so Mum wants to do a whole year of charity fund raising in memory of her.  Mum says Grandma was not a ‘doggy person’ but when she became ill she loved them, how strange.  I never met Grandma but know my brother, Rupert, chewed her new shoes, brill!  Anyway, New Years Eve I’m packing my hanky on my stick and moving out for a few hours so if anyone wants to doggy party me let me know!  I’ll bring some doggy games and nibbles but all those humans will just be too much!

Off for a snooze now, I’ve had the biggest dish of food and all this brain work makes me tired.

Catch up soon

Humphrey Humph x