The Red Lion Litton

Funny Times!

Something has gone wrong with the round thing on the wall with numbers on it.  I know, that every day, Toby comes to take me a walk after school.  So, off I went to the back door on Monday and stood looking down the drive as usual.  I stood and stood but he didn’t arrive.  Eventually Mum found me and said ‘hey Humph, what are you staring at?’  Then she said ‘Oh Humph the clock has changed’.  What does that mean?  My body tells me when I get fed, what time the pub opens, when the long orange things arrive AND when I go for a walk.  Its played havoc with me.  Why do you humans need a round thing on the wall to tell you all that?  You make things so complicated.

Naomi has been busy writing on the blackboard in the bar.  She read it out to me and its all about Christmas and New Years Eve.  Talking of which, no one has invited me to a party yet so I’m starting to think about my favourite TV character so I can sneak into the party here.  I’m practising walking on two legs so you will never recognise me!  Tideswell Singers are coming in singing Christmas Carol’s, Litton Band are having a party here and playing afterwards and Cressbrook Band are coming along too.  Helen runs Cressbrook Band.  She (and others) come in every week after practise for a pint of our lovely beer.  I love Helen, she brings me treats so I sit staring at her all night.  I think she loves me too because she lets me follow her to the loo and outside for a smoke (that’s Helen, not me!)

Stoke.  I heard someone today say that they were from Stoke and read my blog all the time.  How nice is that!  I hope they remembered to put a pin in our map.  I here Guy say ‘I will just stoke the fire’ How strange!

Anyway, my brain has now told my body to adjust and I recon its about Toby time so I’m off to put my outdoor gear on.  Its going dark, does that mean tea will be soon??

Catch you soon

HumphreyHumph x