What a week

We’ve had a new floor laid in the room I’m not allowed in.  Chef (the one that’s going to put me on the special board) and Cal (the one that saves me the beef on a Sunday) lifted all the equipment outside under a tent thing and spent two days giving everything a really good clean.  They looked really tired but after a pint of Bakewell Best they seemed to really perk up.  When Mum wasn’t looking I popped my head round the door and the floor looks awesome, really posh and Chef has got everything back in order.  Martins beer ‘the Porter’ sold out really quick and now we’ve got a dark one from Acorn.   I heard someone say they had come in specially for it.  Naomi, she’s great behind the bar and LOVES beer, has been looking at some list and keeps coming up with different beers.  Keep looking at our ‘What’s on next’ beer list, every time I look the pump clip has changed, I can’t keep up.  I’m waiting for my own pump clip then they will have to give me some.  Peter, he stayed at the holiday cottage round the corner, told Mum he had read my blog.  I think I heard him agree there was only Humphrey in this world, he can visit us again.  Well what about this, Albert’s Mum came in for a meal without Albert.  I was looking for him everywhere, his ears must be ready for a clean.   Then she dropped the bomb shell, he’s only gone to the seaside without me!!  Just wait until I see him.  I’m on a roll but will finish soon.  I just wanted to tell you my cousin Golga (she’s the one that came from Turkey and was hit by a car) is doing ok.  She has had her leg mended and had a hip replacement.   I hope she is around soon her ears must be quite dirty by now!

Come and see me soon

Humphrey  Humphrey