Easter Doggies

Hello I’ve been so busy I’ve not had time to do my blog so here goes.  The weather has been very mixed and we had some of that white stuff this morning but not enough to make balls – I don’t know why?  The pub has been very busy so I’ve been wearing my lovely bandana.  Someone sneaked me some bread, yippee, Mum had a strange look on her face.  Loads of lovely dogs have been to see me including Albert.  But guess what?  Albert came in with another friend, Bob and didn’t want to know me!  Anyway, bothered?  Arthur came in tonight, he’s another black lab.  Actually he looked a bit like me, but I’ve decided he can be my new best friend.  Mum’s got a bottle in front of us with an animal with a curly tail on it.  She’s says its the new cider we are having called Orchard Pig.  I wonder if I will get a taste of this one – I’m not holding my breath!  We’ve had some people staying in the rooms upstairs.  I know because my nose told me and they had some lovely things for breakfast.  Did I get some?  No I did not!  Oh I nearly forgot to tell you.  I went to puppy training last week and had to walk through six piles of food without eating them.  For some reason Mum was screaming ‘leave it’ and everyone clapped when I had done it, humans?!  I heard Mum saying she was taking me a walk on Litton Edge tomorrow so I’m really excited there is some lovely things to eat up there.  You never know I might see an Easter Bunny.

Till next time,  Humphrey Humphrey