Weekend Treat

Cheryl and Steve came to stay in our B & B.  I heard them chatting to Mum, they were lovely.  They used to train police dogs so when they asked if they could walk me Mum jumped at the chance.  I could tell she was thinking “dog trainers, a day with them could sort Humph”  Little did she know!  Steve called me Mr H, I quite liked that and might request that title on a permanent basis.  Anyway, they spoilt me rotten.  I was off the lead loads, swimming in the river (don’t tell Mum, she still thinks I can’t swim), went to the Monsal Head for a pint and generally had a good run around, it was brill!  They said they would like to return to Litton, I do hope they come and see me, I won’t forget them in a hurry.  I came back shattered and went upstairs for my snooze when this almighty bang went off outside our window.  Fireworks! who invented them?  I thought, right, I’m going to stand up to this so I went downstairs and barked at them until they shut up.  I did have a sneaky hide under one of the tables but I don’t think I was noticed.  If you haven’t been in we have gone all posh!  New carpet, new seats cushions and lovely clean walls.  I’ve been looking for my sunglasses but then remembered I have eaten them, never mind.  We’ve had some lovely loose cushions, I ate all the old ones as well, isn’t that what ‘black labs’ are supposed to do?  Anyway, I chanced one of the new ones and blimey Mum nearly burst a blood vessel, all the customers were looking at her strangely.  I love the cushions but I love Mum more because she feeds me so I think I will give the cushions a rest, at least for a while.  I’m going to pop downstairs now because Albert has just come in wearing his new designer coat and I want to find out where it came from, maybe I will get one for Christmas.  Come in and see our new pub and if you are thinking Christmas yet, we’ve got a lovely Menu and some beautiful decs going up to welcome you to my (our) cosy pub.  Look forward to seeing you soon and don’t stand on me I will be in front of the fire!

Yours Mr H  Humphrey