The Red Lion Litton

Quiz Night

This months quiz was for the Poppy Appeal.  Dad was in the war and chair of the local British Legion for many years, so it personally means a lot to me.  A fun night was had by all and money raised for this very worthwhile cause.  Next months quiz Monday December 5.  Proceeds from this one will be going to First Response.  8-30 pm Christmas Quiz, all welcome!


We have re-opened after our ‘face lift’.  The pub is looking lovely, and cosy.  We have a new Clearview stove, carpets, seating and new wall colours.  Our Christmas Menu is now out so please call to book your Christmas Party in our warm,  cosy, traditional pub!

Weekend Treat

Cheryl and Steve came to stay in our B & B.  I heard them chatting to Mum, they were lovely.  They used to train police dogs so when they asked if they could walk me Mum jumped at the chance.  I could tell she was thinking “dog trainers, a day with them could sort Humph”  Little did she know!  Steve called me Mr H, I quite liked that and might request that title on a permanent basis.  Anyway, they spoilt me rotten.  I was off the lead loads, swimming in the river (don’t tell Mum, she still thinks I can’t swim), went to the Monsal Head for a pint and generally had a good run around, it was brill!  They said they would like to return to Litton, I do hope they come and see me, I won’t forget them in a hurry.  I came back shattered and went upstairs for my snooze when this almighty bang went off outside our window.  Fireworks! who invented them?  I thought, right, I’m going to stand up to this so I went downstairs and barked at them until they shut up.  I did have a sneaky hide under one of the tables but I don’t think I was noticed.  If you haven’t been in we have gone all posh!  New carpet, new seats cushions and lovely clean walls.  I’ve been looking for my sunglasses but then remembered I have eaten them, never mind.  We’ve had some lovely loose cushions, I ate all the old ones as well, isn’t that what ‘black labs’ are supposed to do?  Anyway, I chanced one of the new ones and blimey Mum nearly burst a blood vessel, all the customers were looking at her strangely.  I love the cushions but I love Mum more because she feeds me so I think I will give the cushions a rest, at least for a while.  I’m going to pop downstairs now because Albert has just come in wearing his new designer coat and I want to find out where it came from, maybe I will get one for Christmas.  Come in and see our new pub and if you are thinking Christmas yet, we’ve got a lovely Menu and some beautiful decs going up to welcome you to my (our) cosy pub.  Look forward to seeing you soon and don’t stand on me I will be in front of the fire!

Yours Mr H  Humphrey