It’s here!

The ‘clear view’ is in!  Its a square box and looks LOVELY!  I just lay in front of it and warm my paws.  I can’t wait to show it off to my doggie visitors.  I wonder what Albert will think of it? Talking of which I haven’t seen Albert for ages, I think he pops in when I’m upstairs and gets all the doggie biscuits.  I know he always wears a coat and I haven’t got one!  Mum says it because I’m a ‘black lab’.  Mum and Chef are doing a new menu.  I heard lots of lovely foodie words being mentioned.  As long as the long orange things are on the menu I don’t mind.   Chef gives me one every morning.  Christmas, I’ve heard that mentioned as well.  The phone keeps ringing and I hear ‘yes we will get back to you with the Christmas menu’.  I remember Christmas because there was lots of balls on a tree for me to play with.  Mum kept shouting ‘Humph leave it, her favourite saying!’  Balls are for playing with, if they are on a tree so be it, I can reach.  All very strange to me, I will never get the hang of human behaviour!  Anyway, keep looking at our website, the Christmas menu will be soon and I bet it will be tasty……..I’ll have to take your word for that!  But……we are having a ‘dogs dinner menu’ so my friends, keep popping in, I wonder if the long orange things will be on it?  I can guarantee your eye sight will be amazing!

Humphrey Humph x