Dog Walker Needed!

I’m fed up!  Lou are cleaner has had to have an operation and is off work.  I love Lou, every morning we have lovely chats, I give her one of the cushions (we had about 20 now we have 12). Mum says I should’t chew them, what else do you do with cushions?  When Lou has finished cleaning she takes me for a walk, its great.  The road has been shut so I have been able to run free – bliss!  So, if anyone wants to walk me I’m free and my eyesight at night time is amazing.   Those orange things are something special.  Rosemary has been in and I heard her tell Mum she has read my blog.  Rosemary makes Mum laugh so that’s good.  She hasn’t been in for a while and its lovely to see her.  I hope she keeps reading I love having fans.  Has anyone else been scratching?  I have and had to go to the doctors.  She was very nice and stuck a needle in my neck but I got a treat straight after so I didn’t mind at all.   The nice lady said it was the pollen or the river.  Talking of the river, there was this thing with feathers floating on the water, How do you do that?  I tried to catch it but it just kept swimming away and I REFUSE to get my fur wet.  I can swim but Mum doesn’t know yet hee hee.  Anyway that needle thing worked because I’m fine now.  I also take a disgusting tablet every 3 months for ticks, what are they? Life can be so confusing!  I’ve just spotted a piece of coal on the hearth so I’m off for supper, it keeps my coat looking glossy, you never know who will be in tomorrow?

Keep popping in

Humphrey xHumphrey