The Red Lion Litton

Can Swim, Won’t Swim!

I’ve got webbed feet!  Well Mum keeps saying ‘Humph, you’ve got webbed feet, so get in and swim’  What are webbed feet?  As far as I’m concerned I’ve got 4 paws, thank you very much!  I LOVE water.  Mum takes me to the river and I just love it but why do I need to go out of my depth?  Mum throws the ball and I simply wait until it floats towards me and catch it, quite simple.  Apart from the other day.  Mum through the ball and it was in DEEP water.  I splashed, I barked but the ball just wouldn’t come towards me.  Mum was shouting red faced and the ball just floated away.  I kept looking at it and barking but it just wouldn’t come back to me.  So, if anyone lives in Bakewell and see a yellow ball bobbing in the water its mine!    I haven’t told you about Nicky.  Nicky works on the bar and grows vegetables.  She’s very jolly and chats to everyone.  I often hear her telling Mum how her cucumbers are coming along.  She brings cake to work sometimes as well, not that I see it.  Anyway, like Chef I think she likes me.  I pinched a lid tonight, don’t think I should have had it but it tasted lovely.  Nicky said, ‘that’s it Humph, you’re on the special board tomorrow and I might just bring some green beans to go with you’  Everyone is so kind here, I hope I like ‘green beans’ whatever they might be.   I went to the seaside yesterday, blimey so much water.  Apart from the tide was out.  It would have taken me all of a day to reach the edge!  Anyway more of that tomorrow I’m pooped so going to rest my paws…..or is it webbed feet?