Strange Times!

Well hello to all my followers.  I’m really sorry its been a while but lots has happened.  I promise to get back to my weekly bulletins.  So, you could have knocked me down with a feather!  One of my brothers came to see me, Winston.  He’s bigger than me and yellow. I think it worried Mum a bit because she gave me extra food that night because I’m smaller than Winston.  Come again soon Winston.  My Grandma has died, that’s my human one, so Mum’s been a bit upset. Grandma lived in a Nursing Home and was really well looked after.  Mum told me that my older brother, Rupert used to go and visit.  He loved it because the old people were slow eating their cakes so Rupert used to pinch them off the tables, I wish I had met Rupert I’m sure we would have been great mates. Hilda came to stay.  She’s the lady who’s daughter has got the ‘other Humphrey’ in Australia.  She was really nice and took a photo of me to send ‘down under’.  I thought down under was get down Humph and go under the table, very strange!  Things are looking up.  Everyday Chef gives me a long orange thing.  I’m not sure what it is but it tastes lovely and I can see amazing in the dark.  I managed to sneak one from the vegetable box the other day. I tried to hide it but is was so long the end poked out of my mouth.  I soon heard those familiar words ‘leave it Humph’  Phil our next door neighbour told Mum he thought my name was ‘Leave It’ because he hears Mum shout it so often.  I haven’t got a clue what it means?  There is loads more to tell you but Mum is shouting me for bed.  I’ll try and sneak on tomorrow.

Yours    Humphrey