Hello everyone …

I’m Lady Henrietta of Litton but you can call me Hettie.  I’m 16 but I’m really 2.  I came from Suffolk, everyone talks a bit different up here but I’m getting used to it.  When I was a baby I was the only girl with 6 brothers so I’m used to boys.  I LOVE  Humphrey.  He’s a proper big brother and really looks after me.  Mum says he’s more chilled out than me, I think he’s lazy!  I love life!  As soon as I wake up that’s it, one up, all up, there’s so much to do!

Mum had an Auntie called Betty.  I met her just 2 days before she went to heaven to meet up with Rupert, Mum’s first dog.  I could tell Auntie Betty loved dogs by the way she cuddled me.  Anyway, sometimes I get called Hettie Betty, I quite like that.

This snow is sooooo exciting, I’m off out to find some……anyone coming?……Humph?

By the way, this used to be called Humphrey’s blog.  I’ve sorted that, it’s now the Dog’s Blogs.  There’ll be much more coming from me!

Your new friend Lady Henrietta

Where have you been ….

……you might well ask!  The times I’ve said “Mum blog” but she’s always busy with this and that.                                                                                                    THIS is Andrew, mum’s b-o-y-f-ri-e-n-d-.  She said “Humph this is your new Dad”.  I thought my dad was a black labrador called Hugo from Derby but hey ho.  I like Andrew, he’s a nice chap.  He takes me walks, gives me treats (usually when mum’s not looking) and tickles my belly…..I don’t care if you think I’m a wuss, I love having my belly tickled, don’t you?

Then there is THAT!…….That is Hettie!  She’s my new sister!  I had a lovely relaxed life, just me, mum and ……dad, but now this thing has moved in.  Now you know how proud I am at being a ‘black lab’, so what is she …..chocolate.  “Ooh what a lovely colour”, “Ooh look at her eyes”, “Ooh she’s lovely” …I’m sick of it,  there is only one type of lab ….a black one!

There is loads to tell you so keep in touch.  Yours Humphrey.   

Oh Nooooo, two paw prints!

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The pub will open
Friday 30 April – Monday 3 May
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All outside trading up to 14 May will be on a ‘drop-in’ basis and reservations will not be taken

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Red Lion at Litton.