The Red Lion Litton

Where do we begin ……

What’s Covid?  Everyone is using the word so much me and Hettie look up every time we hear it!  Some customers are wearing things over their faces.  Me and Hettie can usually tell when we are liked but now, who knows!  One good think Martin, my mate, doesn’t wear one so all is good there, our biscuit tin is full!

Mum and Dad went away for a much needed holiday.  We went in home boarding.  We love it!  Kath is great and we just take over her house.  I don’t know why Mum sends our beds because we sleep on the settee.  Anyway, we had a great time and ready to come home but guess what?  Mum & Dad got ‘Covid’ and were stuck on holiday.  We’re still not sure what it is but they both look tired and keep coughing, I hope me and Hettie don’t catch it!

We were so pleased to be back home and in our routine…….well that means chilling our for me, and boyfriend seeking for Hettie!   That said, I’ve heard Mum and Dad talk about babies.  Well even I know Mum is too old to have babies.  So that can only mean one thing…….Lady Henrietta!!  Oh Noooooo!  I just don’t think I could stand more than one Hettie.  I’ll keep you posted but if you see me with my bag packed you’ll know

Speak soon