Oh Ruby!

Ruby came in tonight with Jack and Chris and their friends Mike and Viv.  She’s a beaut!  A lovely springer spaniel just 7 months old.  Just the right age for me because I’m nearly 2 you know.  We were both a bit shy to begin with then it all kicked off.  We rolled around the floor and played for ages.  As usual Mum kept saying ‘Humphrey come’, but I kept nipping back in.  I do hope Ruby comes and sees me again soon, she’s possibly my favourite apart from my mate Albert of course.  I suppose he will be getting a new coat for Christmas, lucky Bert.  Well, the green tree has appeared again with those lovely balls that I tried to pinch last year.  I can’t believe a year has passed.  There is balls hung all around the pub and lights everywhere.  There is no chance of getting lost when I go for my nightly walk, the outside of the pub is ‘tasteful’ well that is what the humans keep saying to Mum.  Tasteful is what my orange things are in a morning – so confusing!   Chef says the Christmas Menu is ready now and there has been some lovely smells coming from the kitchen.  I’ve seen a box that says ‘crackers’ on it, maybe I’m getting a new mate for Christmas called Crackers, how exciting, I’ll let you know.  Auntie Be, the one with the dog from Turkey, has sent me a present with lots of numbers on it.  Mum said ‘right Humph, everyday you can open a number and have the treat behind.  When they are all open it will be Christmas’.  I said ‘Mum just put it on the floor and I’ll eat the lot and save all that messing about’  She didn’t seem very pleased with that idea so I’ll play along and open one a day – very strange.  Well I now know what the tartan is for, New Years Eve.  Champagne & canapes, 5 course dinner and live music with dancing until the early hours.  So my furry friends get your tartan out and come and join me, Ruby, Albert, Scrubbs, Bluebell, Bailey, Theo …………………we only have limited space so book your table now, last year was great!  I’m off to check we’re still ‘tasteful’ outside so catch you soon Humphrey Humphrey x