Much to tell

A couple came in the other day.  I could see Mum thinking ‘I know them but there is a special reason’.  Well I can tell you!  They were the couple who agreed there is only one Humphrey in this world!  How lovely they came to see me again.  They said I had grown a bit.  I hope they didn’t mean around the middle or Mum will be cutting the food again.  Gillian had the roast beef dinner and said it was the best roast she had every had.  Lucky Gillian, I can only dream.  Steve and Cheryl, they took me on the long walk when they stayed with us, have sent some photos.  My, do I look handsome.  I’ve asked Mum to frame one to put near my bed.  I don’t care if I am a poser, everyone has photos of themselves.  Someone phoned last night and asked if we were the pub where Humphrey lives.  I’m glad they’ve realised that I am the landlord.  They were happy when Mum said yes and booked a table to eat.  I made them very welcome tonight hoping for a titbit – fat chance!  Mum has got new wheels. I loved our old car.  It smelt of me and was full of my toys, towels and general Humph bits and pieces.  I used to sit on the front seat and put my head on Mum’s knee when I wanted a nap.  Well no more!  I’ve never been in prison but Mum has had these bars put across the back seat.  She said ‘Humph, this is your space.  I am having a carpet fitted and you can look out of the back window, it will be lovely for you’  Space, its about 3 feet square and I can hardly turn round!  I’m not happy.  I’d rather have a sidecar on a motorbike, I’ve seen them on the telly.  Maybe she will see sense and sort something out but I’m not holding my breath!  Christmas!  We’re all re-furbished and I must admit the pub looks posh and is really cosy.  I’m not allowed on the furniture but we have a new carpet and it is really comfy.  The decs are going up soon so if you want to join us for Christmas there is loads happening and Chef, the one who gives me the orange things, has done a lovely menu.  Mum and Nicky were talking tartan tonight, so check our website for New Years Eve.  I know that is the tartan thing and we’ve got live music.  What’s live music?  It must be a human thing.  Maybe I can join in…….. See you soon Humphrey Humph x