More Humphreys!

Mum has had babies, that’s my four legged Mum not my two legged one.  I’m really surprised Mum has had babies, she didn’t discuss it with the rest of the family.  Anyway, apparently I have got some brothers or sisters looking for a new home. I was really excited and asked Mum if we could have one.  Fat chance, she said ‘Humph I have more than enough with you’, one day……  If any of you lovely people want a Humphrey look alike please call me at the pub.  I’m away this weekend so drafted this earlier.  Mum tells me I am going on holiday.  I think it is a holiday camp for dogs, I’ve been before.  It’s ok and they look after me but it can be noisy.  Why all that barking, just talk to me I’ve got two ears and they are very clean.  Cal’s brother works at the holiday camp and he looks after me.  He’s called Fraser and he loves dogs.  Chef hasn’t put me on the special board yet but I know he’s been busy doing some Duck dish.  I hope it isn’t going to be Donald or Daffy, that would be tragic.  We’re having some new seats at the Red Lion.  Michael came the other day to measure and brought some fabric, its VERY posh!!  I’ve just taken to jumping up in a morning to look through the window.  Blimey EVERYONE shouts get down Humph ‘we’re having new seats’, humans they spoil everything.  Hey, get this, a four-legged friend left the pub the other day and I thought ‘I’m off for a wander’  Naomi caught me ‘red pawed’ on the green outside the pub.  I had just smelt my first blade of grass and back I came.  They had better watch out because the first chance I get I’m off to explore.  I spent my first night at Aunt Betty’s this week.  Jo (she works for us) calls her Aunt Bessie after the Yorkshire Puddings.  It’s fine because AB makes great Yorkshire Puddings.  AB spoils me.  She’s great.  She’s a bit old but has had dogs all her life.  She makes me a big bed on the floor with all her best cushions.  I chew all her plant pots and dig in her garden and she is like ‘oh Humph you are lovely’ I love AB she’s ace.  Anyway, I better get my bag packed for the holiday camp.  I’m taking my best PJ’s there might be some pretty poodle there…um.  I’ll let you know next time.  Have a good weekend.

Humphrey  Humphrey