The Red Lion Litton

I’m back!

Hello, we’re open again – yippee.  I’ve really missed you all coming in.  I’ve been to Whitby and seen the seaside for the first time.  All that water, I was quite frightened.  Mum’s got the fires roaring so it’s really cosy in the pub.  I’ve seen Chef writing lots of things.  He says he’s doing a new menu and I have got to look on the ‘EAT’ page if I want to know what’s on it.  There has been some lovely beef smells coming from the kitchen.  Lou our cleaner is here tomorrow, she is my mate Blaze’s Mum.  I love Lou because she lets me chase the hoover.  I hoped she gets me something for my birthday, I’ll be one next week.  Got to go out for the loo now so more later.  Humphrey