Black Labrador!

I always hear Mum saying “yes, he’s a black lab” Well let me tell you I haven’t been very black this week!  The builders have been in and cleaned the fire place, that was black!  We have had dust sheets up and Lou our cleaner kept saying “I don’t know if I will be done in time for opening”  I tried to keep myself clean but I think I was a grey Labrador for quite a few days.  The fire place looks very different and quite smart.  I hear we are having a “clear view”, what is that? I just hope when I lay in front of it I will be as warm as last year, its my favourite place.  I’ve heard paint mentioned as well, I really hope I’m not going to be grey all the time,  I like being a “black lab”.   I was going to tell you about my trip to the seaside.  I couldn’t see the sea it was so far out! I didn’t say anything because Mum seemed really happy to take me to the seaside so I ran on the sand and found a puddle.  I hope next time there will be some big waves to jump over.  Scrubs has been in tonight.  She lives in Loughborough.  I don’t know why she is called Scrubs, she is quite attractive!  Anyway, I ran her round the pub and Mum gave us a treat.  I’m warn out now and falling asleep as I’m writing so I will bid you a good night.  See you soon I hope.

Humphrey  Humphrey X